League Rules

I. League Fees / Dues / Fines

In this section:  Player fees per organization and fines for organizations not represented at league meetings.

II. Teams and Rosters

In this section:  Requirements of team rosters, roster exchange, releasing/accepting players, adding players to original roster, and deadlines.

III. Player Eligibility

In this section:  What if organization does not sponsor a team, cut players, players right to select organization to participate, outside player petitioning to play in the M.B.A., players within M.B.A. wanting to play outside their home organization, and neutral area selection.

IV. Boundaries

V. Protested Games

VI. Make-up Scheduling

In this section:  Procedure for rescheduling of games and fines assessed for forfeiting games.

VII. Division Champions

In this section:  Requirements to crown division champion and determining division champion(s).

VIII.  M.B.A. Post-Season Tournament Eligibility

IX. Pony Sanctioned Tournament Team Selection

X. Conduct

In this section:  Penalties and recourse for coaches, players and parents ejected from games.

XI. Playing Rules

A. Shetland

B. Pinto

C. Mustang

D. Bronco

E. Pony


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