I. League Fees / Dues / Fines

Revised 1/21/2020

All member associations shall pay a league fee of $8.00 for each player registered in the member association organization. Any member association that sponsors teams from Shetland through Palomino must pay the $8.00 per player Mountaineer League fee for each player registered with the organization regardless of whether the player participates in the Mountaineer League. The $8.00 per player fee shall be paid on or before the first Sunday in May each year. This $8.00 player fee is subject to change in the event the Treasurer’s financial report issued at the December monthly meeting indicates the Association has a balance in excess of $10,000 in its account after payment of all outstanding expenses. In that event consideration will be given to reducing the per player fee for the following season. The amount of the reduction will be dependent upon the amount of the balance in excess of $10,000 and will be subject to approval of a majority of the M.B.A. Board of Directors.

A $50.00 fine will be charged to all associations not represented by a designated representative at a scheduled M.B.A. meeting.  For each incorrect Players By Division form that is submitted (Shetland, Pinto, Mustang, Bronco, Pony, Colt), a $25 fine will be charged to each association.  For each team that submits an incorrectly completed Roster form, their association will be charged a $25.00 fine per team infraction.  The appropriate Roster and Players By Division forms have been made available on the website and are the only forms which will be accepted for use.  All fines must be paid within 5 days. Failure to pay fine will result in suspension of all league games for that association until the fine is paid.

Pursuant to Article III, Section 3 of the M.B.A. by-laws, at the annual meeting of the M.B.A. on the 2nd Sunday of January, each association shall appoint a member to the Board of Directors of the M.B.A. and supply a list of 5 individuals who can attend M.B.A. meetings and vote as proxy of the designated representative.

Click here for Identification of Member Appointed to Mountaineer League Board of Directors form

Any ASSOCIATION petitioning for participation with the M.B.A., MUST REGISTER ALL TEAMS sponsored by that ASSOCIATION with the M.B.A. and pay the $8.00 fee per player referenced in Paragraph A. above.



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