IX. Conduct

If for any reason an umpire, pony baseball official or M.B.A. commissioner must eject a coach, player, parent or fan from a game or ballpark area, the person and/or persons ejected must sit out the following played game. If the person is a coach, he/she will be suspended for the next two division games played. If the ejected person feels that the umpire acted in haste and feels the ejection was unwarranted he/she must ask the commissioner of that division for a hearing within 24 hours. If the commissioner grants a hearing, it must take place within 7 days. The commissioner does not have to grant a hearing.

Absolutely no use of tobacco or alcohol by players, coaches or umpires on playing field or dugout areas is permitted.

Any adult or volunteer caught doctoring or changing a player’s birth certificate will be suspended indefinitely from all M.B.A. activities.


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