IX. Tournament Team Selection

Pinto/Mustang/Bronco/Pony/Colt – Pony Baseball sanctioned tournament team and sanction fees are to be made up and paid for by any Association wishing to field such a team.  That area may be made up by any area wishing to do so.  The team will consist of no less than 13 players and no more than 18.  Any player chosen to participate must also remain in good standing within their home Association by participating as a rostered played in 50% of scheduled games.  The player selection process may begin prior to the start of the M.B.A. regular season and may participate in other tournaments as feasible.

Coach Selection:

Any coach wishing to organize and oversee such team must be reviewed by and approved before the Commissioner of involved league and the Officers of M.B.A.  The head coach will be responsible for forming the remaining coaching staff.

Player Selection:

Players may be chosen from any Association within the M.B.A. of their registered players.  A player can only be considered eligible for such selection after registering within their home Association.

Players may be asked to participate in a tryout session prior to the season starting for selection purposes in which they would be evaluated by an independent panel of three (3) auditors to include at least one (1) M.B.A. Officer or Commissioner.  After completion these reviews will be reviewed by the Head Coach and Coaching staff to form the team.


Amendment: Independent auditors are classified as those selected from outside of the organizing organization, League Officers, or MBA umpires.  Auditors will use a process of rating 1-5 for each player based on characteristics of baseball including hitting, running, fielding, and throwing.


See Mustang, Bronco, Pony and Colt rules for PONY Baseball for further details.


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