Mustang Announcements

Season starts week of April 22nd. Mustang will be on a 14 game schedule; ten division games, 4 out-of-division games. Each team will play each team in their own division twice.



2014 Mustang Post Season Tournament:
When: Sunday June 22 or Monday June 23 depending on where you play
This will be a double elimination tournament for each pool. There will be no championship round.

  • There will be 4 pools.  Pool A will have the top 5 seeded teams, Pool B will have teams 6 through 10, Pool C will have 11 through 15, and Pool D will have 16 through 19.
  • Seedings will take place Sunday, June 16.  The seeding will reflect your record on the 16th.

Where: The sites this year are Woodsdale, Mt. Olivet, Dallas Pike, and Wheeling Island.

  • Depending upon where the teams from these organizations finish will determine what pool they host.
  • The field coordinator will notify you of your game time.

The rules will be the same as the regular season, with the exception of a few administrative things that will be emailed to the coaches.

Thanks and enjoy the rest of the season,



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