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Am I allowed to add a player to my roster?
League rules indicate that a team is only allowed to add a player to their roster if and when their original roster (the roster submitted at roster exchange) falls below 12 players. However, I am for letting children play. In the interest of children having the opportunity to participate, exceptions can sometimes be made. Please contact me at 845-9750 to discuss under what circumstances you are permitted to add a child to your roster.


If my home game is scheduled at one of the I-470 fields, who do I call to find out if my game has been cancelled?
For questions concerning whether or not your home game is rained out at any of the I-470 fields, please call (304) 242-9480 for automated information. An answering machine will indicate what fields are closed. This service is provided by the Wheeling Recreation Department. An alternate number to call is the Wheeling Recreation Department at 234-6477 ( 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. Mon.-Fri.).


What if I need to cancel my game?
The head coach of the team cancelling the game should contact the head coach of the opposing team as soon as it is realized the game may need to be cancelled. The cancelling team is required to supply a reason for the cancellation to the opposing head coach. Sufficient reasons for cancellation may include, but not limited to: substandard playing conditions, sickness, injury, first communion, and family emergencies. There may be instances where a team has a shortage of players because of other sports commitments, such as soccer or basketball, or because their best player is not available to play. These are not sufficient causes should the opposing coach not agree to postpone the game. Every attempt should be made to play the game. If your game is cancelled, please inform me by completing and submitting the on-line form, or by email at


How do I go about rescheduling a cancelled game?
The head coaches for the teams in question are encouraged to agree on a reschedule date. A game that is cancelled should be rescheduled within 7 days of the cancellation. If for some reason the teams are unable to agree on a reschedule date, please contact me immediately at (304) 845-9750, or by email at and I will assist the teams in establishing a date.


Where can I obtain directions to the fields?
Directions to every Pinto field in the Mountaineer Baseball League is available on our website. Click here to view listings. If you are still unsure about the directions, you should contact the opposing team’s head coach.


I need to contact a coach but have misplaced the contact list. Do you have the number?
The contact information for each team is located on our website. The list is organized by the Division in which the teams participate. Click here to view the list. Click on the Division to view listings for each team within that Division.


If I move my home game from one of the I-470 fields to my home field, do I have to contact anyone regarding the location change?
Anytime you change the location of your game, reschedule a game, or cancel a game, please notify me as soon as possible by email at By contacting me, I can then update the website and notify the Wheeling Recreation Department of the changes and hopefully eliminate the possibility of a scheduling conflict with the field in question. If you have a question concerning whether or not a particular field is available, please contact the Wheeling Recreation Department at 234-3641.


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