Umpire Quiz

Play Ball! This Pinto baseball quiz was created to help parents and coaches learn about the rules of the game. Have fun, and be sure to share your knowledge with other coaches and parents.

1. What is the correct dimension of the pitching circle?

2. A team shows up with only nine players, are they allowed to play the game?

3. What is the latest an inning can be started?

4. What happens if the batter accidentally loses his/her helmet on the way to first base?

5. "Play At The Plate" slide rule applies to which defensive player?

6. Each player on the roster is required to play how many innings during a game?

7. It is the 2nd inning and a team has already scored 4 runs. The next batter hits a Grand Slam Home Run. How many runs should the team be awarded for the inning?

8. The first baseman runs down a runner and tags the runner out while trying to score from third base. In the process of running down the runner, the first baseman passes through the pitcher's circle. What is the correct call?

9. If the COACH/PITCHER stops a batted ball, what is the call?

10. The ball must be returned within the limits of the pitching circle to what player(s) in an attempt to stop play?

11. In Pinto, how many complete innings must be played for a game to be considered official?

12. A game is called in the bottom of the 3rd inning because of inclement weather with the home team taking the lead 10 to 8. What is the status of this game and what team is responsible for establishing a date to complete the game?

13. If the PLAYER/PITCHER catches a pop-up within the limits of the pitching circle is play immediately considered dead?

14. A thrown ball accidentally hits a coach standing in the coaching box, what is the call?

15. Fill in the blank. Any runner is out when he/she runs more than ____ feet away from a direct line between bases to avoid being tagged out.

16. Under what situation may a game be protested?

17. What is the correct distance from home plate to the pitching rubber?

18. What is the penalty if the batter bunts or takes a soft swing at a pitch?

19. What is the latest a game shall begin?

20. Fill in the blank. Pinto League games shall not exceed ____ innings.

21. Are T-ball bats legal for use in Pinto?

22. In Pinto, if a game is tied after 9 complete innings, what is the result?

23. A batter hits a pitch into fair territory, but in the process throws the bat. No prior warning has been given. What is the result?

24. Players may use bats in which the barrel is no larger than __________.

25. Batter hits a short pop-up near the first base line between home and first base. The batter hustles out of the box towards first base. On the way to first base, he/she accidentally collides with the player/pitcher who is in position to catch the ball. The ball drops foul. What should be the call?

26. Runners on 1st and 2nd, the shortstop dives and misses a batted ball and remains on the ground and impedes the runner. The runner advancing from 2nd to 3rd has to run around the shortstop to get to 3rd base, and is thrown out at 3rd base. What should be the call?

27. There is a runner scoring from 3rd base. Is the catcher allowed to position himself at home plate when there is no play on the runner.

28. A fair ball is hit to right field and hits the fielder in the neck area. The fielder is injured and immediately goes to the ground in pain. The ball continues past the fielder. Should the umpire stop play?

29. Runner on first base. Ball hit slowly toward 2nd baseman. The 2nd baseman charges to field the ball. In the process, the fielder enters into the base path of the runner and collides with the runner. What is the call?

30. The batter hits a ball between shortstop and third base. The shortstop deliberately throws his/her glove and deflects the batted ball. What is the call?

31. The right fielder fields a groundball and throws the ball out of play attempting to make a play on the batter at first base. How many bases is awarded to the runner?


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