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Approved 3/8/2022

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Play in the Mountaineer Baseball Association is governed by Official Baseball Rules: “The Sporting News” edition and Pony Baseball. The rules contained in this section are only those exceptions to Official Baseball Rules and Pony Baseball, which are necessary to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for all participants.

1. The ten run rule is in effect after 4 ½ or 5 innings.

2. The re-entry rule can be used. (Refer to pony rulebook or M.B.A. med sub.)

3. Pitching rules:  Refer to M.B.A. Approved Pitch Count Worksheet.

4. When a team arrives at a game with more than eight players in the higher age bracket, the coach must furnish a list of which players in the higher age bracket are going to play the game. Playing with additional players in the higher age bracket must be first greed upon by both team managers. At least one 13 year old must be in the game at all times.

5. Designated Hitter: The DH can be used with the following guidelines:

A.  The DH cannot play defense at any time.

B.  Once removed, may not re-enter.

C.  Any substitute for the DH may not re-enter.

D.  If any player is not able to finish the game, and no substitute is available, then the defensive player not in the batting line-up will take the place in the line-up of the player not able to finish. The rest of the batting order will remain the same.

6. Additional Hitter: The AH can be used with the following guidelines.

A. A player may be used in your line-up as an AH. An unlimited number of players may be used as an AH. The AH may be placed at any of the 10 batting positions, but once established shall remain in the same batting position for the entire game. The AH may enter the game in a defensive position but shall keep his original batting position in the line-up. The player coming out of the game defensively then becomes the AH, but must bat in his original batting position. An AH must be substituted for in the line-up.

B. If any player is not able to finish the game, and no substitute is available due to all players being in the line-up as an AH, then that player not able to finish will simply be skipped in the batting order with no automatic out.

C. A coach does not have to use the DH or AH, but once the game starts the coach cannot then decide to use an AH or DH.

7. Courtesy Runner is allowed for pitchers and catchers.  Courtesy Runner must be someone not in the current line-up.  If no out-of-line-up player is available, then the player who made the last out may serve as the Courtesy Runner.




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