2021 Shetland Schedule
All games start at 1:00 p.m. unless otherwise stated.

Sunday, May 23rd is the Shetland Showcase
$100.00 per Team which includes hotdog, drink, and medal. Players announced every game after the National Anthem. It is a great time for the kids weather permitting. Register with George Czapp at (304) 238-6063 by May 10, 2021.

Week 1 – May 9th

Woodsdale Wolves @ Benwood Blazers

M.M. Sharks @ Bethlehem White

Glen Dale Heat @ Cameron Blue

Cameron Gold @ Elm Grove Bulldogs

Elm Grove Hawks @ M.M. Legends

Dallas Pike Green @ M.M. Scrappers  4:00pm

Bethlehem Gold @ W.T. Panthers

Bethlehem Black @ Warwood South

M.M. Coyotes @ Warwood North

Warwood West @ Woodsdale Wildcats

Woodsdale Shark @ Wheeling Island

Week 2 – May 16th

Warwood North @ Woodsdale Wolves

Warwood South @ M.M. Sharks

W.T. Panthers @ Glen Dale Heat

M.M. Scrappers @ Cameron Gold

Cameron Blue @ Elm Grove Hawks

Whg Island @ Dallas Pike Green

M.M. Legends @ Bethlehem Gold

Elm Grove Bulldogs @ Bethlehem Black  4:00pm

Woodsdale Wildcats @ M.M. Coyotes

Bethlehem White @ Warwood West

Benwood Blazers @ Woodsdale Sharks 4:00pm

Week 3 – May 23rd – Shetland Showcase
Must know by May 10th if you are participating.
$100 per team which includes hotdog, drink, and medal. Each child will be announced. It is a fun day for all involved.
Make checks payable to Warwood Redbirds.

Week 4 – May 30th

Bethlehem Gold @ Benwood Blazers

Cameron Gold @ Bethlehem White

M.M. Sharks @ Cameron Blue

M.M. Coyotes @ Elm Grove Bulldogs

Warwood West @ M.M. Legends   4:00pm

Elm Grove Hawks @ M.M Scrappers

Woodsdale Wolves @ W.T. Panthers

Woodsdale Sharks @ Warwood South

Bethlehem Black @ Warwood North

Glen Dale Heat @ Whg Island

Dallas Pike Green @ Woodsdale Wildcats

Week 5 – June 6th

Warwood North @ Bethlehem Gold 4:00

Cameron Blue @ Bethlehem Black

M.M. Legends @ Cameron Gold

Whg Island @ M.M. Sharks

W.T. Panthers @ M.M. Coyotes 4:00

M.M. Scrappers @ Warwood West

Benwood Blazers @ Elm Grove Hawks

Elm Grove Bulldogs @ Woodsdale Wolves 4:00pm

Bethlehem White @ Woodsdale Sharks

Woodsdale Wildcats @ Glen Dale Heat

Warwood South @ Dallas Pike Green

Week 6 – June 13th

Woodsdale Wolves @ Warwood South

Bethlehem Gold @ Cameron Blue

Woodsdale Sharks @ M.M. Legends

Warwood West @ Whg Island

Glen Dale Heat @ M.M. Scrappers 4:00 pm

Cameron Gold @ Benwood Blazers

Dallas Pike Green @ Elm Grove Bulldogs

Elm Grove Hawks @ Bethlehem White

M.M. Coyotes @ W.T. Panthers

Bethlehem Black @ Woodsdale Wildcats

M.M. Sharks @ Warwood North

Week 7 – June 20th

Whg Island @ Woodsdale Wolves

Woodsdale Wildcats @ Bethlehem Gold

Warwood North @ Woodsdale Sharks 4:00pm

W.T. Panthers @ Warwood West

M.M. Legends @ Glen Dale Heat

Cameron Blue @ Cameron Gold

Bethlehem White @ Dallas Pike Green

Warwod South @ Elm Grove Hawks

Benwood Blazers @ M.M. Coyotes

M.M. Scrappers @ Bethlehem Black

Elm Grove Bulldogs @ M.M. Sharks 4:00pm


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