Shetland Rules

Revised 3/08/23

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Purpose:  Shetland League is instructional baseball to teach how to swing a bat, how to catch a ball, how to throw a ball and how to run bases.  The focus of the program shall be on instruction.

Play in the Mountaineer Baseball Association is governed by Official Baseball Rules: “The Sporting News” edition and PONY Baseball. The rules contained in this section are only those exceptions to Official Baseball Rules and PONY Baseball, which are necessary to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for all participants.

  1. Playing age:  Pony boys and girls 4 – 6 year olds.
  2. All players will bat once in each inning.
  3. 7-foot arc will be used.  (From 1st base line to 3rd base line.)
  4. Each batter may receive 4 pitches maximum from the coach/pitcher.  After 4 pitches the batter must hit the ball from the tee (unless a fair ball is hit).
  5. There may be a maximum of 7 players in the infield.
  6. No outs or scored will be used.
  7. If the defensive player records an out, ex: a fly ball or line drive is caught, or a fielder throws to a base and an out occurs.  That offensive player will be instructed on what happened and removed from the base.  No outs will be recorded.
  8. If an offensive player hits the ball through the infield and or to the outfield fence the base coaches can send them to 2nd and 3rd base.  The last batter of the inning will still run all of the bases.  This is to teach the players to make the turns to the next base.
  9. Any player throwing the bat will receive an instructional warning.
  10. Runners may not leave the base until the ball is hit.  Any runner leaving the base early will receive instructional warning.
  11. Both teams must bat the same number of innings per game.  The home team will always bat in the  bottom of the 3rd inning.
  12. Play will be called dead once the coach/pitcher has control of the ball.
  13. There will be no protested games.
  14. Player/Pitcher must wear a facemask and an internal or external chest protector.
  15. All batter/runners are required to wear a helmet with a chin strap.  The chin strap is required to used.
  16. Coaches are permitted to kneel when pitching.



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