II. Teams and Rosters

A.  Each member organization shall submit to the division commissioner a list of registered players, by division, with copies of each player’s registration form, on or before the first Sunday in March of each season or at or before the March Mountaineer Baseball Association meeting, whichever is later.  The list of players by division and the registration forms shall include the player’s name, birth date, address, telephone number and the names of the parents and/or guardians.  The registration forms must be signed by at least one parent or guardian of the registered player.  Any member organization which fails to comply with the provisions of this rule shall be subject to sanction and/or fine by the Mountaineer League appeals board.  A copy of the List of Players by Division with the names, dates of birth and residential addresses of each player shall also be provided by each member organization to representatives of all other member organizations on or before the first (1st) Sunday in March of each season or at or before the March  Mountaineer Baseball Association meeting, whichever is later.  The list provided to the representatives of other member organizations need not include copies of the registration forms.

Click here for List of Players By Division form

B.  Any organization which is cutting a player shall give written notification of the same to the appropriate division commissioner no later than the first Sunday in March of each season or at or before the March Mountaineer Baseball Association meeting, whichever is later.  A cut player is one who has been involuntarily released from the member  organization.

The appeals board will not assign a petitioning player to any organization which cut a player in the petitioning players’ division.

No member organization shall be permitted to cut a player in a division if, in the same year, the organization has accepted a player into that division upon said players’ release from his home jurisdiction as per the provisions of Rule III. G. below.

Click here for Notification of Cut Players form

C.  Any member organization which wants to be assigned players petitioning to enter the Mountaineer League from outside jurisdictions; and/or players petitioning to transfer within jurisdictions in the Mountaineer League; and/or players cut from other member organizations in that division; shall submit to the Mountaineer League Appeals Board a written request to be assigned such players, on or before the first Sunday in March of  each season or at or before the March Mountaineer Baseball Association meeting, whichever is later.

Click here for Notice of Organization’s Willingness to Accept Players

D.  The Mountaineer League Appeals Board will rule on petitions filed by players residing outside of the Mountaineer League boundaries requesting to play in the Mountaineer League and will further rule on petitions filed by players residing within the Mountaineer League boundaries and seeking to move from their home organization to a different organization within the Mountaineer League, on or before March 15.  On or before March 15, the Mountaineer League Appeals Board will assign to other member organizations, those players which have been cut by their home organization.

E.  Roster exchange for all divisions except Colt will occur before April 1, at which time each coach in each division shall be prepared to provide to all other coaches in the division and to the division commissioner, a copy of his/her team roster.  Colt division roster exchange shall occur on or before June 1st.

1. An organization with multiple teams within the same League (Shetland, Pinto, Mustang, Bronco, Pony, and Colt) must evenly distribute the older aged players among their team rosters.  Each roster is subject to approval by the League Commissioner.

2.   No team will be permitted to play any regular season games until such team has exchanged its roster with the coaches of all other teams in the division and the division commissioner as provided herein.  If a team does  not turn in its roster on or before April 1, such team shall forfeit all games until a roster has been sent to the division commissioner and copies have been provided to each team manager in the division.  Additionally, member organizations with teams which fail to submit their rosters as contemplated herein on or before April 1st, are subject to further fine and/or sanction by the Mountaineer League appeals board.

3.       Team rosters shall contain the following information:

    PLAYERS – Full name, address, date of birth and league age  (NO PHONE NUMBERS)

    MANAGERS and COACHES – Full name, address, and phone number.

4. Copies of birth certificates of all players competing in the Mountaineer League for the first time  shall be provided to the division commissioner at the time of roster exchange.  (The copy of the birth certificate should be attached to the copy of the roster given to the division commissioner, copies of birth certificates do not need to be provided to other team managers in the division.)

5.         Each team roster must include 12 eligible players.  All questions or concerns regarding the team rosters must be brought to the attention of the division commissioner at or before the April M.B.A. meeting.  The division commissioners shall approve or disapprove all rosters within their respective divisions on or before April 15.

6.         After the team rosters have been SUBMITTED, EXCHANGED and APPROVED by the division commissioner, no ADDITIONS can be made unless it comes under one of the following exceptions:

a.  Player moves away (outside the league boundaries), or

b.  A player is injured and cannot finish the season, or

c.   A player is cut for disciplinary reasons (This player will not be  permitted to play for any other M.B.A. team.), or

d.   A player(s) is quitting, AND

e.   The loss of the player causes the roster to fall below the minimum of 12 players.


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